Q: Do I have to be pre-qualified for a mortgage before I look at a home?

A: Some sellers require you to be pre-qualified. Due to Covid and a very strong market this is a very common requirement from sellers. When mortgage pre-qualification is not a requirement it is still a good idea. Sellers are more likely to take an offer from a buyer seriously if they can show the ability to purchase the property.

Q: Why can’t your receptionist just give me the price of a home?

A: Sometimes regulations take a while to catch up to technology. You can look up the price of a home on the internet but a non-licensed person is not allowed to provide you with the price of that home over the phone. We think it’s a little behind the times too but we can’t get around it until the regulations change.

Q: Are your agents licensed?

A: Yes, all of our sales agents are licensed Realtors which means they are members of the National Association of Realtors and agree to abide by their code of ethics.

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