The Best Way to Work From Home

Work at the beach
The Best Way to Work from Home

Would you rather experience remote work or find the best way to work from home?  

Employees now have more options available to them than ever.  Employers are more comfortable with remote work for a growing number of occupations.  Expanded choice is good, but sometimes you still need to visit the office for some face time.  

The Delaware beaches offer the best combination of proximity and lifestyle for remote workers in the mid-Atlantic.  Here you can hit the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk for some morning exercise and still put in a full day of remote work.  When you need to put in some time with your colleagues, our beaches are a day trip to Wilmington, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia, and Norfolk.  Another hour takes you to New York City.

There are few places where you can plant your feet in the sand and still have access to millions of people and businesses within a few hours travel.

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